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Corticobasal implants are replacements for lost natural teeth.
The dental implants that we use in the dental clinic Dr. Hazem are Swiss, titanium, biocompatible Biomed® implants.

The immediate-load basal implant, also known as a cortical or bi-cortical implant, is a modern implant technique that uses the deep and well-mineralized part of the jawbone, called the basal or cortical bone, to better retain dental implants. This avoids the need for a bone graft and a sinus lift. The basal implant consists of a titanium part with a smooth surface in order to avoid peri-implants (infections around the implant) to minimize the risk of rejection.

Each implant is individually numbered, with a certificate of authenticity, they are ISO certified and are bound by a 10-year warranty. A reference number and a certificate of origin are provided to the patient for each implant.

Metal-ceramic crowns are best suited for immediate loading of corticobasal implants. Biocompatible, of guaranteed origin, high quality ceramic is the most
resistant material, much more reliable than plastic and zircon.

The price for each patient is different, depending on the specific clinical case. We can prepare a personal offer for you completely free of charge, for this purpose you need to send us a panoramic X-ray and a photo of your bite.
No. You will receive an offer with fixed prices for the entire period of the treatment.

Our services with completed final constructions are performed in the following terms:
– Complete recovery of one jaw within 3 days
– Complete recovery of both jaws within 1 week
– Placement of permanent metal-ceramic crowns within 72 hours

You send an X-ray, on the basis of which we prepare an offer for your specific case.
The complete recovery of one jaw is carried out in 3 days:
Day 1
– Extraction/removal of teeth when existent and their complete removal if necessary
– Placement of corticobasal implants
– Gum and bone plastic surgery
– Taking dental impressions
Day 2
– Sample of the metal construction
Day 3
– Sample and adaptation of crowns
– Final fixation of the permanent construction.

Corticobasal implant placement is a short procedure performed under local anesthesia. The feeling of slight discomfort in the first hours after the intervention gradually subsides.
No, the immediate-loading basal implant is a modern implant technique that uses the deep and well-mineralized part of the jawbone, called the basal or cortical bone, to better retain dental implants. This avoids the need for a bone graft and a sinus lift.

Complete jaw restoration is suitable for patients suffering from tooth loss, smokers or diabetics, as well as for those suffering from significant bone loss and/or severe periodontitis.
Complete restoration of the jaw with basal implants is minimally invasive and can be performed within a few days. The implant integrates immediately into the bone and does not require any delay before being loaded with a metal-ceramic construction.

Our dental clinic is an international center for implantology, equipped with the latest generation of technologies and a preferred choice for dental tourism, due to the fast and high quality interventions with the best value for money ratio in Europe. We have over 35 years of experience and thousands of satisfied patients who smile with confidence thanks to our professionalism.
The clinic is located in Sofia, where our team of highly qualified specialists will help you quickly, qualitatively and efficiently get the smile you have been dreaming of all your life.

Dr. Hazem is a dentist, implantologist, prosthetist and specialist in prosthetic dentistry and implantology. He has developed a unique methodology as well as specific protocols for treatment with corticobasal implants and is considered one of the world leaders in this field. He is the only doctor in Bulgaria who performs plastic surgery of the gums and bone with immediate loading and placement of the final construction within 72 hours.

Dr. Hazem is a member of the Bulgarian Dental Association, as well as the International Association of Oral Implantology ICOI. He is certified as a Master of Immediate Loading and has a certificate of competency for immediate loading from 2014.

The clinic is located in Sofia, Manastirski Livadi, 65 Flora Str
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