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Working process


  • Extraction/ tooth removal when existent and their removal if necessary
  • Placement of corticobasal implants
  • Gums and bone plastic surgery
  • Taking dental impressions


  • Sample of the metal construction and crowns color choice


  • Sample of the metal-ceramic construction
  • Final fixation of the permanent construction


Specialist in the placement of dental implants


Thanks, thanks and thousands of times thanks to you, doctor and the whole team, for your professionalism, for the quality of the care, for the welcoming, for the comfort you provide. The icing on the cake for me is also the ease of postoperative care. Never again tartar cleaning, controls, electric brush … Wow, a new life begins for me. May God protect you and keep giving you happiness … I hope that very soon on the island of Ivory Coast I will have the pleasure to welcome you or to meet you in Bulgaria on а holiday, because we really liked this beautiful and nice country.
Family, friends! Everyone who suffers from periodontitis and plans to have implants, I have a fantastic place to recommend. The clinic for basal implants of Dr. Hazem Alshahuan in Bulgaria. He changed my life. There you will find impressive quality care with revolutionary, cutting-edge techniques. A surgeon who listens to patients and does not leave you until he achieves a perfect result, an artist in his profession. The clinic is perfect, with impeccable hygiene. The X-rays are made at the clinic and are included in the price. Medications are also provided. And the team, wow – only professionals who manage everything for you: – transport /any arrival and departure from and to the airport, regardless of the time/ – connection to the hotel in case of flight delay – all formalities, medicines, PCR, etc. – everyone speaks French and English In short, you are impossibly pampered and your only concern is to rest and take advantage of Sofia. The icing on the cake, your care is MUCH cheaper than France. I am a fan, and since I love you and I am not selfish, I wanted to share with you my satisfaction and joy. Their coordinates on Facebook = Hazem Al Shahwan

Thank you, thank you, doctor.
Thanks to you, I am very happy to find the smile again.
I miss the words to express my happiness and satisfaction. Without forgetting Desi and the whole team – very, very careful and professional.
Thank you


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