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is an international basal implant center, equipped with the latest generation of technologies and a preferred choice for dental tourism, due to the fast and high quality interventions with the best value for money ratio in Europe. We have over 30 years of experience and thousands of satisfied patients who smile with confidence thanks to our professionalism. The clinic is located in Sofia, where our team of highly qualified specialists will help you quickly, qualitatively and efficiently get the smile you have been dreaming of all your life.

Dr. Hazem

is a dentist, implantologist, prosthodontist. He has developed a unique methodology as well as specific protocols for treatment with corticobasal implants and is considered one of the world leaders in this field. He is the only doctor in Bulgaria who performs plastic surgery of the gums and bone with immediate loading and placement of the final construction within 72 hours.

Dr. Hazem

graduated from the Medical University of Damascus in 1987. He got his doctorate at the Faculty of Dentistry at Sofia University in the Department of Prosthetics from 1990 to 1995. He was the head of the prosthetics department at the Ministry of Health in Aleppo, Syria for the period 2003-2013.
He is a lecturer in courses in implantology and prosthetics.
Dr. Hazem is a member of the Bulgarian Dental Association, as well as the International Association of Oral Implantology ICOI. He is certified as a Master of Immediate Loading and has a certificate of competency for immediate loading from 2014.
He has participated in Nobel Biocare interactive courses since 1999 and in the Sochi Scientific Congress 2015, on the topic: “Innovative methods and perspectives in the development of implantology”
In 2017 he was awarded a certificate by the National Assembly and 24 Chasa newspaper, under the patronage of the Speaker of the National Assembly for “Doctor whom Bulgarians trust”

Today, Dr. Hazem continues

his work in implant and prosthetic dentistry and many patients smile widely with self-confidence, thanks to his professionalism.

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