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Basal dental implant with immediate loading

The immediate-load basal implant, also known as a cortical or bi-cortical implant, is a modern implant technology that uses the deep and hightly mineralized part of the bone, called the basal or cortical bone, to ensure the implant integration and allow the immediate loading. There is no need for a bone augmentation or/and a sinus lift intervention. The basal implant consists of a titanium part with a smooth surface in order to prevent peri-implantitis and to minimize the risk of rejection.

Complete recovery of the jaw

The basal dental implant is the best choice for complete restoration of the jaw in patients suffering from tooth loss, smokers or diabetics, as well as in those suffering from significant bone loss and/or severe periodontitis. Complete restoration of the jaw with basal implants is minimally invasive and can be performed within a few days. The implant integrates immediately into the bone and does not require any delay before being loaded with a metal-ceramic construction.


The metal-ceramic construction is best appropriate for immediate loading of corticobasal implants. They are made of a biocompatible alloy with guaranteed origin and are covered with high quality ceramics, which is the strongest material for dental crowns, more reliable than plastic and zirconium.
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